Saturday, December 23, 2006


Today is my Birthday.
Yes i know you've heard this before - but i feel 'special' today :)
As if, for 24 hours, i'm inside this bright pink bubble that's bobbing around all over the place with me in it and everyone else is outside. I can see them, they're all pink, they're smiling at me -wide, bright smiles, and saying - 'Happy Birthday!, Happy Birthday!' , almost as if they're happy it's my birthday. Funny, yes..
I realised today that more than anything, ANYTHING, i love it when people remember. It's one hell of a high for me. When i leave out the 'date of birth' column blank on orkut, and people still call at 00:00 hrs, it makes me want to jump and do cartwheels.
Fatty Macbeth and Tambram turned up at 00:12 am, and surprised the hell out of me with a cake and all that ..
Yes of course i should have seen it coming, but Fatty Macbeth is not exactly your 'suprises' kinda guy. So i obviously thought it was Tambram's idea, but i was wrong about that too! I know Fatty feels really bad about last year, when he completely forgot it. I've long since forgotten but he hasn't :)
We ate cake, sang to me, and then decided to head out for some coffee.
Birthdays are fun.


Rohan Kumar said...

Happy bday rock on

supern0va said...

HAPPY LATE BIRTHDAYYYYYYYYY!!! sorry it's a few days late, but now that i know it, i can remember it for next year!! and hopefully you will be in the states next year so we can celebrate!!!! :)

jac said...

I am sorry that I was out of circuit and for this belated Happy Birtday wishes.

The time when you a coming to age
Is the time that some one wish you the best,

All the best nayani !

Jac said...

Hey !
Can I remind you something ?
You are not posting anything ???

supern0va said...

where are you???

kannan udayarajan said...


if wishing "happy b'day" after two months is still considered appropriate...

Jac said...

After 3 months, is it still your birtday ???


Jac said...

after 5 months, it is still your Birth Day ?????